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What are nutritional supplements?

Food supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect that serve to integrate to the healthy diet. They can be used to compensate for nutritional deficiencies or to maintain an adequate supply of certain nutrients. (fonte: federSalus)

Want to know more?

Here is the ORBIS article we recommend! (click here)

Is supplementing your diet necessary? According to some, it is not necessary if you follow a varied and balanced diet

The short answer is yes, the use of food supplements, even in the context of a balanced diet, is recommended for anyone who wants to live healthy or long (or better still: long and healthy). Would you like a more detailed explanation? Don’t hesitate to read our dedicated article! (Click here!)

Do your products contain milk and dairy products, soy, wheat or gluten?

Our products are entirely vegan, vegetarian, without milk or derivatives. There is no wheat or gluten in the products illustrated on our website, and each product sheet is correlated with all the relevant information. Traces of contaminants may be present, due to the fact that the raw materials are processed in premises where the aforementioned ingredients are also processed. For any additional information regarding the products, do not hesitate to write on Whatsapp to our dedicated number. (Click here!)

How can I be sure that the taste of the protein I'm going to order is to my liking?

That is a good question! We know that when it comes to the palatability (flavor) of proteins, especially when vegan or otherwise vegetable, the results are not the best. Despite this, we truly believe (thanks to your wonderful feedback!) That our vegan proteins are really exceptional: if you don’t believe us, try it yourself by ordering a single-serving sample of your choice of your favorite proteins. You will not regret it!

I can't find the measuring cup inside the protein package I ordered: is this normal?

Yes! This is completely normal: as a business choice, we have decided to reduce the consumption of plastic, trying from the beginning to represent an eco-sustainable company. Some of our vegetable proteins are sold in 100% compostable (biodegradable) packaging and with vegetable ink (with the single-portion sachets inside the package, the plastic measuring spoon is useless), while others, those that would require the measuring spoon to their internal, they do not present it because they give the possibility to buy a specific spoon in handmade coconut wood, so as not to have to waste further plastic.

What exparation do your products usually have?

It depends from product to product, but usually our supplements have an expiration date of 2 or 3 years, whereas our drinks should be consumed within the year. For any need or doubt, even in anticipation of an order on our platform, do not hesitate to write us a message on Whatsapp here. Thank you!

What drinks can I add the vegan protein that I purchased?

Any drink of your liking. Our advice? Use your imagination and discover new combinations of tastes and flavors. We love to use ORBIS proteins both in water (for a more “neutral” flavor) and, above all, in rice, almond or oat vegetable milk, for a sweet and creamy shake at the same time. Remember: test it as much as possible until you find the right mix for you! We await your feedback and the recipes you have discovered: you could find your advice on how to prepare innovative protein shakes on our social and online platforms.

Where can I find your products other than on your official website?

At the moment it is possible to find our products on our official website, or physically in the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland) and Northern Italy. In the coming months we will also be in Italy, so stay up to date on our latest news! For any additional information, do not hesitate contacting us at info@orbislifestyle.com, or on Whatsapp at +41 (0) 79 419 06 98 (Click here!).

Your prices seem higher than others, why?

Our suppliers and manufacturers have a high quality and effectiveness. Our pricing reflects their years of research and clinical trials.

Orders and Online Payments

Is it possible to cancel or modify an order placed?

Of course! For convenience, feel free to write a message on Whatsapp here (click here).

The product I'm interested in is currently not available: when can I order it?

Send us an email clicking here, it will be our pleasure to advise you on the timing of when that particular product will return for sale on this website.

Sceintific Questions

What is the real strength that makes orbislifestyle.com different from any other company in the Health & Wellness sector?

What makes ORBIS Lifestyle unique as a company is our scientific approach that permeates every detail of our actions. From the choice of our pillars and the ORBIS Lifestyle method, to the selection of the natural products on our platform: everything concerning us is always supported by numerous scientific, if not clinical, evidence. This is also thanks to the ORBIS R&D team, made up of doctors and researchers, who allow us to maintain a very high standard of quality, as well as efficacy and safety, when it comes to food supplements and nutraceuticals.

Is there really a team of medical professionals who chooses and verifies the efficiency of the food supplements you offer?

Yes, it is all absolutely true! ORBIS Lifestyle makes the scientific method and clinical validity two of its founding points and this is reflected above all in the selection and choice of all the products on our website. Each of them has been evaluated by our Research and Development (R&D) team first “on paper” and then “testing” every single ingredient and active principle. Our products are therefore safe and effective.

What additional safety can I feel knowing that your products are chosen and tested by a team of medical professionals?

The selection by our Research and Development (R&D) made up of doctors and researchers ensures that any ORBIS product has been tested and evaluated in its efficiency and safety components. For this reason, ORBIS products are safe and effective, a great advantage over many other cheaper (and less safe!) Solutions that the market often offers today.

Is it possible to prescribe ORBIS Lifestyle products also in the medical and health fields?

Of course, and this is precisely our dream: to be able to concretely help people through the latest generation nutraceuticals that the doctor, pharmacist, nutritionist or biologist (or similar professional figures) can prescribe in case of need for their patients. Many of our products contain real natural active ingredients that require competence and knowledge to be understood and used effectively. If you are a doctor, a nutritionist or a health professional, write us an email or contact us in the related section (Click here!).

How could we collaborate in this sense?

The idea on which we base our entire brand is to create an “ORBIS Lifestyle Movement”, which remains not only for current generations, but also for future generations. Thanks to the team of doctors and researchers who work with us, we have selected the best products (food supplements and nutraceuticals from the European market) that are in line with the ideals of our brand. At the moment, what we need is to be able to count on people interested in doing good first of all, interested in disseminating scientific research and the benefits that the products we have selected can bring to people’s lives.

The reason you are reading these lines exists and it is no coincidence that you are here: at ORBIS we need people just like you to help us do good to people and make our contribution to this Planet. Write to us, we would love to get to know you better 🙂 Contact us here!

Which doctors and professionals work with you?

ORBIS Lifestyle collaborates with Italian and Swiss doctors, in order to offer a personalized and high quality service to the end user. From the selection of food supplements, which can be purchased on our platform, to the formulation of our line of nutraceuticals, to the line of customizable medicine that can be consulted (soon) always on our platform, our team of R&D doctors accompany us in every step of our adventure!

Delivery & Returns

How much does delivery cost?

Shipping to Swiss delivery addresses costs 9.50 CHF, while shipping to European countries costs 15 CHF.

How long will it take to receive my products?

Once the order is received, the shipment starts immediately, ensuring delivery within the following 24-48 hours (mainly for Switzerland).

Is it possible to return some purchased products?

Absolutely yes! A feature that characterizes us at ORBIS Lifestyle is the attention to detail and care of our products: if anything is not in order at the time of delivery, it is possible to return the products. Find out more in the Refund Policy section.

Is the return free?

The return is free, but the goods are collected only if the packages of the individual products have not been damaged or opened intentionally.

What are the couriers used to ship orders?

The shipment is made by Swiss Post.

Is it possible to track my shipment?

Yes, it is possible to track your shipment. To find out how, write to us (Click here!).

How long will it take for my orders to be shipped?

Once the order is received, our warehouse in Switzerland will start the shipment within a few hours.

Does shipping become free if a certain spending threshold is exceeded?

Great question! Once you spend over 69 CHF, shipping becomes completely free.

My package is damaged - what can I do?

A feature that distinguishes us at ORBIS Lifestyle is the attention to detail and care of our products: if anything is not in order at the time of delivery, it is possible to return the products. Find out more in the Refund Policy section.

In the order I received, a product is damaged: what should I do?

A feature that distinguishes us at ORBIS Lifestyle is the attention to detail and care of our products: if anything is not in order at the time of delivery, it is possible to return the products. Find out more in the Refund Policy section.

Questions about our brand

ORBIS Lifestyle was born around the concept of Lifestyle Medicine: could I find out more?

Lifestyle Medicine represents, according to Dr. Gunthrie – president of theAmerican College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM)– it deals with the fastest growing medical-scientific sector of the moment. Through the analysis of numerous scientific studies, this branch of medicine has identified 6 pillars through which it is possible to control (and optimize) people’s lifestyle, and consequently their health. At ORBIS, we took a cue from this concept to develop, again on the basis of scientific research, our method, also based on 6 pillars (slightly different than traditional ones), with the addition of a new section entirely dedicated to defenses. immune.


Never like before, having experienced a global pandemic for more than a year, are we aware of how much lifestyle represents a very important defense weapon against the most dangerous threats.

For further information on this argument,visit our blog and read the related article.

What are the objectives of your company?
  • Do Good
  • Helping people to improve from all points of view
  • Valuing yourself and others
  • Doing charity

It is really difficult to condense the history, passions, ideals and values ​​in which our company believes in a few lines, but we will give it a try! ORBIS was born from the pure and simple desire to do good to people, concretely. For this reason, we have decided to work side by side with doctors and researchers who share our mission and our values: through them we have been able to select and propose the best food supplements and nutraceuticals currently available on the European market, according to our opinion and according to the analyzes of our team of doctors. By combining specific products and technical knowledge for each of the6 pillarsthat determine the quality of our lifestyle, we are able to help people to live their lives to the fullest!

How can I contribute with my personal commitment to spreading the importance of lifestyles in today's life?

First of all, it is essential to be an example: live the ORBIS philosophy and method every day, fill your days with well-being and care for your body, mind and spirit. St Ignatius of Antioch says: “You educate a lot with what you say, even more with what you do, much more with what you are.

How can I stay updated on all the news and scientific discoveries of ORBIS Lifestyle?

Great question! Start subscribing to our official newsletter: we communicate a lot with our customers and, in this way, you will discover that you are part of a much larger community than a company. Alternatively, you can follow us on social networks, such as on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Do you want to know more? Join our Facebook group “ORBIS Lifestyle Movement”: here you will find articles, research and many authoritative news regarding wellness and health. You will have the opportunity to meet new people and to discuss your ideas directly with all of us.

Is there a magazine or periodical with which to stay in touch in addition to social networks and the official website?

Yes, or rather, we are making the official magazine of ORBIS Lifestyle with the latest news in the field of health, well-being, lifestyles and with the latest proposals and suggestions from our R&D research team. It will be a magazine available in both digital and printed form.

Subscribe now to the newsletter to be informed about the inauguration date of our magazine.


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